Acid Rock Drainage and Waste Management

Our Acid Rock Drainage and Waste Management services cover;

  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, operational and closure studies for metals, coal and iron ore projects
  • Expert studies for inclusion in environmental impact assessments
  • Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) management and monitoring plans for mines and quarries
  • Mineral waste characterisation
  • Sample program design, collection, despatch and analytical laboratory assessments
  • Geochemical assessment, modelling, monitoring and management of waste rock, wall rock, tailings and mine water
  • Static and kinetic geochemical characterisation and evaluation
  • Installation and maintenance of ARD investigation and monitoring programs
  • Mineral waste storage facility conceptual design
  • Assist on-site staff with ARD management and operation programs
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation planning
  • Independent peer review and audits of ARD studies

Due diligence assessments for existing and proposed mining projects GeoTerra operate our own in-house geochemical laboratory for sample preparation as well as static and kinetic leach test work, and use NATA accredited laboratories for geochemical analyses.

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