Our Hydrogeology services cover;
  • Groundwater supply evaluation, management and development for mining, town water supply or agricultural uses
  • Expert studies for inclusion in environmental impact assessments
  • Dewatering and groundwater management for mines and quarries
  • Groundwater management and monitoring plans
  • Field installation and maintenance of groundwater investigation and monitoring programs
  • Assistance in gaining regulatory approval for groundwater development, use or management
  • Numerical modelling of groundwater flow systems
  • Groundwater and surface water interaction and water resource assessment and management
  • Assessment of infrastructure projects such as tunnels, roads etc
  • Assessment of residential and industrial projects, such as basement inflow studies
  • Landfill seepage and contamination assessments
  • Salinity assessment and management
  • Downhole, surface or aerial based groundwater related geophysical studies
  • Effluent disposal, assessment and management
  • Expert witness representation
  • Independent review and audits of groundwater studies
  • Due diligence assessments for existing and proposed mining projects

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